Monday, August 01, 2005

heads up!

As summer is full of different kinds of activities, things have been slow in this blog.
Anyway, now a small update:
  • living in Tartu now, 100% - quite nice to be away from all the noise of Tallinn
  • student status is in progress - gave my papers to Tartu University, they now have to see if they have enough free places. Will know by the end of August.
  • motorcycle course still not finished. Finished the school tests, but I still need to take the official test and an emergency aid course. I have been postponing those two, as there has been a plan to go on my first business trip in my new position. However, the plan has been dragging quite some time due to visa issues. Most probably I'll manage to finish that course in September.
  • progress at the new workplace has been very nice. I finally can do the things I want to do without too much internal politics. And on Wednesday I'm going on my first business trip - to Saudi Arabia, for three weeks. :-)
I will also post a journal about that trip, but I'll do that in Estonian. :-P

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