Tuesday, September 27, 2005

United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi

Last four weeks we have spent in Abu Dhabi with Elina. I've been setting up some LBS systems for the local mobile operator and Elina has been making my stay more bearable. ;-)
The operator is also presenting our services on GITEX, the local IT and communications exhibition, here is a small article about that.

Now our stay is nearing the end and we will be coming back on Thu. Hopefully on the plane I will have some time to write up some stories about our stay here. Unfortunately in Estonian, again. :-P

In brief I would say that if I would compare UAE and KSA then UAE feels almost like Europe. And KSE reminds a bit of the "good-old" Soviet times. This is mainly reflected in the general attitude towards foreigners and towards doing business with them. In Saudi everybody seems to be a bit inward in their attitude. In UAE, people are always ready to sell you something :-)
Then again, somehow I liked people in Saudi more. They seemed more sincere in their attitude.