Sunday, May 29, 2005

things start to settle a bit

The last few weeks have been really hectic, lots of things happening simultaneously:
  • looking for a new person to take over my responsibilities at my old workplace
  • when we finally found the person then I had to start handing things over to him
  • last weeks in school have been busy as well, I had to catch up with some of the things I had not done during the semester - as usual
  • looking for a new flat in Tartu. As I decided to buy the flat, it was a bit more thorough process than just renting it
  • starting some activities in the new workingplace
  • and, as if all of that wasn't enough, I also took the motorcycle license course and have been busy with that also.
But, now things start to settle. The school is almost over (just couple of exams left), daily responsibilities have been handed over in the old workplace, I have found the place to live and the formalities are also almost done.

The main things left for June-July:
  • getting up to speed in the new workplace
  • actually moving my life from Tallinn to Tartu and setting up the new flat
  • closing some final projects in the old workplace
  • doing some exams in school and trying to transfer my student status from ITK to University of Tartu, faculty of Mathematics and Informatics.
  • and finishing my motorcycle course. This will actually take some time as there are quite long queues in ARK.
As for the short-term, next weekend seems to be again one of those "event-accumulation" weekends:
  • graduation party in Riga
  • birthday of a close friend
  • an opportunity to go skydiving
Seems that first two options will be the winning ones, but even there I finally will have to make a choice. Oh-well, we'll see.

And, in case you remembered my birthday and wondered how that went - this year I was really original and I managed to get ill for the day. So I spend the whole day in bed, trying to get better. Eventually I did, and now the general condition is almost back to normal.
But I guess there will be no celebration in the short-term - too many other things on my mind and the weather is not favourable either.


herman vaxtel said...

One might add to busy times the long hours spent on writing this exhaustive, yet immensely comprehensible activity list into your blog! :)

Neeme Praks said...

The amount of sarcasm in that comment leaves me to wonder, why a total stranger would bother to comment in a blog when he/she has nothing to say.

If you think this blog is a waste of time, go and read something else.