Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Boat rallye

Hehe, during the weekend I managed to open my "wet season". No windsurfing yet, but instead I participated with Taimar in the annual boat-rallye competition in Tartu Studentdays - with a surfboard. :-)

Some pictures:
On the whole, I must admit that the idea of getting two persons on a surfboard is not the smartest (it was my idea! :-)) - as the board is meant for one person and for strong wind (that should pull it out of the water). You can guess the end result - the board was submerged quite heavily and out speed decreased close to a halt. But we finished! :-)

Trying to go on a surfboard alone is probably a better idea but it is not so much fun - the element of teamwork is missing! I'll see what sort of vehicle we'll think of for the next year.

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