Tuesday, May 10, 2005

back from the biking event

The whole event was quite nice - despite some rain, some drunk youngsters (although the whole thing was supposed to be 100% non-alcohol) and some cold nights. The bike was also excellent - very comfortable and as it is powered by two persons, it seems easier to handle those distances. Especially nice is going downhill - the weight of two persons builds up into quite a lot of inertia! And as the event took place in Otepää (Southern Estonia) then there were a lot of ups-and-downs. :-)

This Friday seems to be one of those overbooked Fridays again, there are three events already:
* birthday of Kaisa
* birthday of Paul
* welcome-back party of Margus

And, it could well happen that on Friday I will sign the (preliminary) papers to purchase my new flat in Tartu! :-)

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