Wednesday, May 04, 2005

up next - biking fun!

Next weekend (Fri-Sun) we are planning to go for a biking "trip" (me, Elina and a bunch of people from KoondisTempo) . Estonian "green/nature movement" is organizing their annual biking event, this time near Otepää: rattaretk "Kuidas elad Otepää?".

As I was planning for quite some time already to buy a "tandem" type of a bike, this gave me a good push to finally go ahead and fulfill my plan. So now I'm a happy owner of a Schwinn Tango Tandem!

First experiences: it is damn big! So it is difficult to transport it with public transportation (bus or train). So far I've managed to use the transportation services of the shop chain I bought it from but we'll see how I manage to transport it in the future. Maybe CargoBus or some similar service.

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