Thursday, March 24, 2005

moving on + job offer

I'm leaving my current position, although I might still stay with Inpoc - that will be clear in the next couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, we are looking for someone to take over:

Inpoc Baltics is looking to fill a full-time position for a
situated in Tallinn or Riga office.

About Inpoc:
"Inpoc" brand belongs to Schibsted Mobile which is the leading service provider in Scandinavia and the Baltics. We offer value-added services in mobile networks, our service portfolio contains various SMS-based solutions, interactive voice services, WAP services, etc.
For more information:

General requirements:
  • excellent English, spoken and written
  • social person, enjoys communicating with colleagues and business partners
  • good understanding of computers and general technical issues
  • should be able go on business-trips, up to one week at a time

More technical requirements:
  • database skills: fluent in SQL, some PostgreSQL experience would be helpful
  • comfortable with Internet technologies: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc.
  • comfortable with Internet protocols: HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3, SSH, etc.
  • comfortable with XML, DOM and related technologies
  • comfortable with command-line Linux/Unix environments

A plus would be:
  • Russian language, spoken and written
  • knowledge of Java, especially server-side technologies: servlets, J2EE, etc.
  • knowledge of Microsoft Visual Basic, C++ or C#
  • understanding of networking issues: DNS, VPN, IPSec, DHCP, etc.
  • experience with building WML pages
  • experience with version-control systems, e.g. CVS
  • data generation and analysis experience with Microsoft Office tools

We offer:
  • flexible working hours
  • great pan-Baltic team
  • very dynamic industry to work in
  • competitive salary
  • stability of a big, multinational company
  • pan-European, international organization
  • substantial amount of traveling in the Baltics and Scandinavia

Some example responsibilities:
  • communicating with partners to carry out joint-projects using various Internet technologies
  • implementing partner web and wap sites
  • weekly status reporting for all active projects
  • helping colleagues with any computer-related issues
  • making purchasing decisions for various soft- and hardware
  • preparing Excel reports based on data from relational database system (PostgreSQL) using SQL
  • commuting between Tallinn-Riga-Vilnius offices whenever the need arises
  • supporting some legacy Visual Basic 6 code
  • troubleshooting J2EE applications, digging into log files, etc.

In general, the position is more for an administrator-type of a person, as opposed to more developer-type. But nonetheless, sound understanding of development technologies is required.

Interested? Need more information? Want to send your CV?
Contact us:

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