Friday, March 11, 2005

events accumulating

Why is it always so that if you have some plans for some nice event on some day then there has to show up at least one more event for the same time.

Like today.
A long time ago Toomas asked some friends for a sledging event, originally planned for last Friday. As last Friday was "Koondis Tempo" party - I coudn't attend the sledging event. Fortunately for me, Toomas was ill last week and the event was moved to this Friday. Or not so fortunately...

Some weeks ago Triin informed me that she will most probably have a birthday event this Friday. And the plan came true, she is having that event today.

And finally, I just got an email from Taivo where he invites all his friends over to his place... today.

And of course, all these events start at exactly the same time: 19.00.

Maybe it is just a sign that the winter season is about to end and the busy summer season is about to begin...!? That would be a nice change. :-)

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